10. April 2024

Reform of asylum law in the EU must be implemented quickly

The European Parliament's decision is an important step towards restoring the control and limitation of migration to the EU

The European Police Union (EPU) and the German Police Union (DPolG) have welcomed the European Parliament's decision to reform asylum policy.

In an initial reaction, DPolG federal chairman Rainer Wendt, who is also president of the EPU, emphasized the urgency of rapid implementation of the decision in the EU nation states: “It must not take more years until the new ones regulations are taking effect, the negotiations have already dragged on far too long. The European Union as a whole must learn to react more quickly to events such as mass migration movements.”

Wendt considers the implementation of uniform border procedures at the EU's external borders to be an outstanding innovation. A decision will be made there in a short time as to whether there is even a right to enter the EU or whether the people will be turned away immediately. Even if this only affects people who come from countries with a recognition rate of less than 20 percent, this is important progress. In addition, all arriving people are checked to see whether they pose a threat to public safety. “This is right and necessary, especially in the fight against international terror,” said Rainer Wendt.

The European Union must also increase its efforts to protect its external borders and must not leave the countries there alone. To this end, the possibilities for direct financial support as well as the strengthening of the border protection agency FRONTEX must be strengthened in order to be able to offer direct personnel and technical support at the request of the countries. Rainer Wendt: “In the year of the European elections, the European Parliament showed that responsible decisions and joint action are possible even on difficult issues. These issues must be addressed by Democrats if we do not want extreme parties to benefit from the negative effects of illegal migration.”