25. June 2024

Eurofedop Seminar

“Right to collective bargaining and action”

The seminar aims to target and compare challenges in the field of collective action in the public sector across European countries. One of the topics is the right to strike in our sectors.


It is a great blessing to have a constitutionally protected right to form unions and in Germany it is guaranteed that politics largely respects the collective bargaining autonomy of the negotiating partners.

At an event organized by the European Federation of Public Servants (EUROFEDOP) in Belgrade, union representatives described how difficult such negotiations can be when politics gets involved.

Rainer Wendt, President of the EPU (European Police Union), attended this event in the Serbian capital together with Jacqueline Hirt (General Manager of the EPU).

Together with other police unions in Europe, we are committed to the rights of employees of the security authorities, but unfortunately there is still a lot to do!

President Norbert Schnedl initiated the dialogue, which lasted several days, and described the dimensions of the disputes. The combative union leader of employees in cultural institutions, Dragana Djirdjevic, impressively described how great the challenges in Europe will still be.

It is high time that the EU addressed this issue and finally introduced binding regulations. Labor and collective bargaining law is a human right, and unions fight for it and enforce it!