29. November 2023

EPU for uniform European border protection

Rainer Wendt in conversation with the Vice President of the EP Rainer Wieland

In Brussels, the DPolG Federal Chairman and President of the European Police Union (EPU) Rainer Wendt and Jacqueline Hirt (Managing Director of the EPU) held a targeted conversation lasting several hours with the Vice President of the European Parliament, Rainer Wieland, in which, among other things, the EPU's proposals for a uniform European border guard was discussed.

Rainer Wendt: "We need to know who is entering our European community, we want to know that from tourists and business people, but also from those who ask us for protection. That's why what has been missed so far in this area must finally be made up for. And who conceals his identity or do not provide proof of his identity, will not be able to enter the country.

All of this, including the examination of asylum applications, must take place directly at the European external border. In addition, Germany must finally integrate itself into European solidarity instead of further isolating itself with its pomposity, know-it-all attitude and moral arrogance.

Clearly speaking, especially in Europe, we had an excellent exchange with Rainer Wieland and will stay in touch and continue to report on progress. Europe must protect itself, today rather than tomorrow."