15. September 2023

Sport games of Police Union of Croatia (SPH)

European border protection in focus

Good discussion with colleagues from several European police unions, on the sidelines of a large sports competition organized by the police union SPH in Croatia.

The picturesque backdrop could not hide the great concerns that the emergency services have with illegal migration. Even though the focus is currently on the Mediterranean route and developments in Lampedusa, the Balkan route and the eastern route via Lithuania are incredibly stressed.

What the EU has done so far is never enough to even come close to solving the problems. If the protection of our external borders is not finally organized in a uniform, effective and consistent manner, internal controls will become the rule rather than the exception; the people of Europe will finally expect concrete action.

The next congress of the European Police Union (EPU) in Berlin will of course also cast its shadow here. On 9/10 in October the chairman of German Police Trade Union (DPolG), Rainer Wendt, will stand for election as President of the EPU.