20. April 2024

Artificial intelligence in public spaces

EUROFEDOP meeting in Tallinn

The DPolG Federal Chairman and President of the European Police Union (EPU), Rainer Wendt, spoke today in Tallinn to colleagues of the European Federation of Public Employees (EUROFEDOP) on the topic of “Artificial Intelligence in Public Spaces”:

"As unions and as a society as a whole, we have a great responsibility in dealing with the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI). As helpful as it may be to develop learning systems and to use the possibilities of rapid and reliable processing to gain better knowledge, we must not lose sight of the dangers for the workforce.

AI can provide beneficial services when used correctly, but in the wrong hands it can do devastating things, destroying our freedom and our self-determination. That is why it must never fall into the hands of radical forces!

Anyone who wants to use AI to install total surveillance, promote transparent employees or technology-based exploitation of service staff will face resistance from strong unions all over Europe!

AI is not intelligent, it only simulates human intelligence. The "ethical dilemma" between technology-based or human decision-making must ultimately be decided in favor of common sense, whether in the operating room, in the cockpit, in the courtroom or in the command staff of a police operations center.

The EU institutions have a duty to tighten up their legislation and ensure that it is enforced. The upcoming elections are therefore also of great importance for public employees."

The challenges of using AI in the public sector (Short Report)